Automatically create new ledgers during upload

A few users have given feedback that the website would be more convenient to use if the system could automatically detect newly created ledgers and then create those automatically.

For reasons explained in this post, automatically creating missing ledgers is risky because we may end up having a lot of ledgers which have the same purpose but are just minor spelling / spacing variations of each other. From an accounting perspective, this would be very bad.

The simplest solution is as follows:

  1. Upload the template as is. If there are missing / mismatched ledgers, you will come to the ledger names mismatch error screen.
  2. Review the list of ledger name mismatches.
  3. For mismatches (i.e. spelling or spacing mistakes), you will have to correct these manually and reupload to match the Tally ledger name exactly with the Data sheet ledger name.
  4. For new ledgers that are not in Tally, you can create them in bulk using the create new ledgers in bulk template
  5. Once you fix the mismatches and create the missing ledgers, upload the first template again (after downloading the updated ledgers list from Tally). If you did everything correctly, you will have no issues.

I know this is a frustrating point for a lot of users, so if someone has any suggestions on how to make this process better (without risking the situation of multiple similarly named ledgers being created), I would be happy to hear them.

Please share your ideas and suggestions below. Thanks!