Incorrect Template / Invalid Data Error

This usually happens when there is invalid data in the template. Other possible reasons are use of a wrong / old / unsupported template.

Some common examples of invalid data are:

  1. Number data input in a date column e.g. putting 20122019 as the date instead of 20/12/2019
  2. Text data input in an amount column e.g. putting “-” instead of 0
  3. Date in the wrong format / Invalid date e.g 31 June

If you face this error, don’t panic! In all probability it will be just one row that is causing the problem.

The best way to identify the problem rows is to break up the data into smaller batches and upload each batch separately.

Once you identify the batch with the problem, you can break up that batch into smaller and smaller batches until you will be able to see which rows have an issue to fix.

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