Price Comparison with other Service Providers

How much amount will Tally add ons they are charging for yearly subscription and later nominal renewal fee.So, how you can charge. please show the cost chart for compare with other add on cost.

Thanks for creating this topic.

This is a good idea. Will prepare a comparison of costs and features across the various options available to users so that they can take an informed decision.

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The above table shows the plans and pricing of the 8 most popular excel to tally data import service providers in India (plus us). Have provided information on the website name and pricing page also for all to check. Please feel free to explore the other options also.

If I have left out anyone or you have some comments on the above, please leave a reply to this post!

Someone asked how one can compare annual / monthly plans provided by others to credit based pricing provided by this site. Here is how I think is the right way to think about it:

  1. Estimate the number of entries you pass in a month. This is quite predictable based on past data.

Hint: For a quick check you can go to Display > Statements of Accounts > Statistics. Set the period for any one month and add up all the relevant voucher types (i.e. Sales, Purchase, Journal, etc.).

Based on my personal experience with clients, this ranges from anywhere between 50 (for a startup business selling high ticket size B2B products) to 15,000 every month (100 year old B2C shop selling high volume low priced items).

  1. Calculate the annual requirement. Lets say your average is 1000 entries in a month. So annually you will need to pass 1000 x 12 = 12,000 entries for which the best plan is 15,000 credits for Rs. 750.
    So with one single payment of Rs. 750, you can be set for one full year with access to all templates.

Alternatively if you are not sure you can start with purchasing 1000 credits for Rs. 100 and only make the bigger payment once you are satisfied that it is meeting your needs.

Based on the above table, The cheapest comparable option for this volume would be Rs. 2,590 per year (Excel 4 Tally) and that too only restricted to one template.

Hope this helps! Please message if you have any further questions.

We are considering offering an unlimited plan - Rs. 4000 for 3 months (1 quarter). If anyone would be interested in this, please let me know!

Nice comparison.

In the past, I have visited & contacted almost all the competitors but found out that they are totally unethical with the pricing. Either they have overpriced their services merely on the basis that everyone is using Tally or the users will be forced to purchase their services, sad.

I am very happy that I came across From Excel to Tally and in the initial stage when I was literally confused, Meheryar has helped me a lot to get started with importing the data. I have successfully imported data right from 2002 to all the way to 2019, and that too for 3 companies.

Hats off to Meheryar for developing such a wonderful service and also considering the average user’s requirements and budgets.