Pricing Update - February 9, 2020

Due to reasons explained in this post, we have decided to make a change to our pricing plans after taking into account feedback from our paid users as well as review of website usage patterns by current free plan users.

Although there is no change in the rates, we have reduced the basic template free rows from 500 to 50. 50 rows will be enough to serve the needs of most small businesses, especially if work is done on a daily basis. For more than 50 rows, users will now need to purchase credits just like advanced template users who currently purchase credits for more than 10 rows.

If you have any further questions, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

50 rows is too less,it can affect your upper hand over other competitors.

Thank you for your feedback.

When the free rows were originally determined, it was assumed that user behavior would be similar to what it was before the paid plans were put in. i.e. users who were uploading >500 rows at a time would continue to do so and pay for the convenience.

However it seems like almost all such users preferred to split up their uploads into multiple files and get it done for free instead. So they were converting 2000-3000 rows a day for no payment. They did not seem to value the convenience of a single upload enough to pay for it when the easier option was available. This has resulted in the expected revenue from the site greatly exceeding the costs. Rather than burdening existing paid users with higher rates, felt that this was the fairer approach for all users.

So while the limit seems low, there will still be people who get around it using the split method as described above. Hopefully the lower limit will motivate the very heavy users to pay for the convenience of a single upload.