Website Performance - Monthly Updates (Feb 2020)

Stay tuned for performance of the website in Februrary!


Here is the site performance for the month of February. You can have a look at the cumulative performance until January 2020 from here.

How many people use this site?

We had 1,926 unique users in February 2020, down slightly from 1,973 users for January 2020. However its important to remember that February had 29 days and January had 31, so on a like to like basis there was a monthly growth of ~ 4%.

Since this is daily data you can see clear dips on Sundays. Looks like most users are working on Saturdays too!

Who are these users and where are they located?:
50% of users were in the 25-34 years age bracket. Male:Female split was 89%:11%.

Looks like this month Bengaluru tops the chart in location just pipping out Mumbai. A very surprising inclusion is Chicago! However on checking the quality of the sessions, these are not real users and probably just bots.

How do users hear about the site?

Still close to 60% of traffic is coming from paid channels (Google Adwords). If you read the earlier post you will understand why this is very expensive so my goal is to reduce the dependency on this. You can help by recommending the site to others (only if you are having a good experience of course). If you think something needs to be better before you can recommend it to others, please let me know in the comments!


This month (February 9, 2020) we made a major change to reduce the number of free rows available for the basic template from 500 to 50. The hope was that this would encourage users who were earlier converting 2,000-3,000 rows a day for no payment, to start paying.

Am glad to report that this has worked well so far. Sales for this month were Rs. 8,300 vs Rs. 2,300 in January. This is a fantastic improvement and we have just earned profits for the first time ever (although very small).

As you know my goal is to have this site self sustaining and earn a reasonable profit in order to justify the time spent in continuing to provide this service.


Marketing (Google Adwords): Rs. 6,070

Server Costs: ~Rs. 1,000 (costs for main server+server for discussion forum+backups and snapshots)

Total Costs: Rs. 7070

Net Profit (cash basis): ~ Rs. 1,230/-

As noted in the previous post, there is still a deficit of ~Rs. 67,000 cumulatively. Hopefully the growth in sales can start reducing this balance soon.

Of course, there are also non-cash costs associated with keeping the site running (basically my time) :
On average I spend 1 hour a day answering questions about the product and how to use it and debugging of errors. Since a lot of the questions are common, so one of the aims of this site is to help users find answers on their own or have more experienced users help them. So far there doesn’t seem to be as much participation as I was expected, so support requirements continue. Please share suggestions on how I can make this better.

That’s it for me. If you have any comments or questions, please reply to this post.